Message on Teacher’s day

Being one is the highest privilege & having one is the best blessing

Time has taken a reverse gear in terms of the relationship between the teacher and the taught. Gone are those days when teaching – learning was unimodal, students were mere listeners. But the attention span and respect for the teacher was at its epitome. Teaching was restricted to the four boundaries of the school, education was a causal consideration in the system. Transition has been from gurukul system to modern age of education, customized to student’s needs.  In the era of dynamism “change is the only constant”.

Now, might be the compatibility between a teacher and students have improved in leaps and bounds. Now teaching is no more restrained to four walls, it imbibes in itself a cause and effect relationship. This is the age of AI and machine learning; virtual learning have become the order of the hour. In such a scenario it’s been a challenge for every teacher of this time to reinvent themselves and it’s not about only teach but transforming wards into a complete individuals to match the whole world. It’s quite but certain that the relation between taught and teachers have undergone a lot of change.

Teacher now being a friend, philosopher and guide need to earn their respect  and love in reciprocity. Teaching is effective if your students finds that, sitting in a tea stall discussing and debating before their exams have been more helpful rather than mugging up things and having sleepless nights. Teaching is effective if your students cracks in his dream job and states that- “ma’am whatever you taught helped me in every right way to crack my interview.” Teaching is effective if you find your students calling up and confiding that “the learning has helped me in my job and my boss is very happy with me”. That’s when the ultimate relationship takes birth. This is the new age of teacher and student relation – where teacher is the real architect for a complete student with a bondage tied up till eternity.

So, the new era of education is-

E= Emerging
D= Dynamic

  Wish you all a very happy teachers day!


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