An ode to the blinds, That hides all the beaming lights. The beauty we see, The miracles we want still refuse, Everything we get is what we choose. Neither the fate, Nor the thousand mates, That default, But our


The shade that doesn't shed,the bond that never fades,I wish to revert back,back to the walks,walks with laughter andtall talks,stormy showers to delightful drizzles,yet never stopped the giggles.the wheels of time,that's neither thine nor

Old Soul

The colour crimson, the sky strokes,beyond the plumes of smoke,do you adore the light huethat shies away from the darkyet brings you the mornings anew?Do you listen to the silence ofthe benign blue, that lie defenseless,covering the


Trudging the track alone,alas! Found home none.Neither the cloud, nor the wavy blue,that gave her the clue.Akin the fossil turning filth,She got lost being a meagre myth.Being unfit for the dais,was too tender to survive.Being a shoulder