The New Normal

Switching to something new, something different can never be completely convenient no matter how better one gets after doing so. I had my apprehensions as a facilitator taking online classes, as an invigilator having a virtual examination hall under her surveillance (See the image) and an examiner doing digital evaluation. I am now used to the third one since we have been digitally evaluating Term papers for the last few years. A few years back when we started doing digital evaluation, the mind had obviously resisted that idea as it naturally does to even the smallest of changes we impose on it. However, you give me a choice today to go back to the actual mode and I would say, “No. Thank you. I am happy with this.”

When I received the first mail from KIIT University informing me about the online sessions which needed to be taken to complete the course and to prepare students for online examinations, I was having two concerns in my mind. The first one: will it be as effective as the actual mode? The second one: am I good enough to handle this? I soon realized that there is no point pondering over the first question in the absence of any choice. However, the answer to the second question depended on my efforts and skill-set, because we were provided with every kind of help and support we needed from the university in terms of training, mock drills or virtual assistance. I realized that it was more of an opportunity than a threat. After all, I was going to add value to myself. The fact that I was evolving as a part of an avant-garde educational institution made me feel excited about my new venture.

Today, if you ask me, I would not mind being in this mode till something even better is offered. Yes, there are challenges to face and overcome every time, but that is precisely what growth is all about. I am privileged that my name has been recorded in the same register in which the growth story of this phenomenal institution has been documented. I am proud of the fact that I was a part of this glorious academic revolution which can spread the light of knowledge and hope at a time when the whole world is battling it out with the forces of darkness.

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    When life seems difficult to be adjusting to the new normal, this articles calms my mind. We are forming a habit of adjusting to this trend and gradually it will be something we would find comfort in.
    Very well written, Ma’am.

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