A Climb to the Highest Mountain

One day he snapped, there was no particular reason.

He lived an ordinary life within his ordinary societal boundaries.

But something, something happened to him that season.

He decided to become his own salvation.

First off, he decided to leave his home; all his family and friends

He would leave his business, leave the city; leave behind all that drove him mad

The people and the places he thought he would see till it all ends

He was suddenly free, free of their guilty presence

He had money, not a lot but enough to see him through

Till he decided what next he was going to do.

In his youth he had been interested in trekking and climbing Mount Everest

Going to Nepal now, seemed to be the plan that would suit him best.

He was twenty six, when his father married him off

And twenty nine by the time he already had kids.

His wife was a good religious woman but he had never had time for her,

Whatever love there was, had disappeared in the household and business spur.

He had done well in life, his company had done well and so had his kids.

But when he died, which he would someday, what would be his greatest deeds.

For what would the world remember him?

Or worse, what would he remember the world by?

A lifetime of fulfillment of duties and aspirations

Living the ‘right’ life as proclaimed by social conventions.

He had an awakening; he would not take it anymore

And at the age of fifty, he would do what no one he knew had done before.

He would leave his family and go to Nepal.

He would climb the highest peak in the world.

He would gaze at the infinity of snow before him as be braced the chilly air.

He would do what others in his social circle would never dare.

He would make friends with the Sherpas, have snow fights with the local children.

He would save others who were not as surefooted as he, on the slippery icy snow.

He would plant the flag of his great motherland on the highest pinnacle with all his might.

And there would be shades of Orange and Green, reflecting on the glacial white.

He kept his word and left his home.

Amid a lot of crying from his family to reconsider his decision.

That very day he left for Nepal on his Everest Mission.

He was the happiest he had ever been, he felt liberated beyond reason.

A few months later, his body was flown down from the mountains.

He had not been able to survive the cold and had died of hypothermia.

The Sherpa who was with him at his last moments of eternal sleep

Had helped him plant his country’s Tricolor on the nearest peak

He described the man as crazy, but then most who came on this expedition were

He also described him as insanely happy, even when he was dying

He kept telling the Sherpa, “Now at least, I have something to remember my life by”

This is death, but oh, what a magically beautiful way this is to die.”

His memories are preserved by the Snow; his experiences are carved in ice.

He lived the ordinary life and then took a leap of faith and died

He said, “Death comes to all, the difference is what we do in the interim.

Before it’s too late, climb that Everest to the Top; climb it to start living your dream”

By Prof. Gargi Banerjee, Asst. Professor, HR Area

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