Why Bhubaneswar is a Great Place to Study – My Perspective!

A place to study does not only consider the colleges and institutes but also the area surrounding the institutes such as food stalls , places to hang around with friend, adventures, shopping, travel options etc. If you are in search of all these then you are at the right place – Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha.

Smart City

It is not only the top contender for smart city project of India, it is also among the top 20 best performing smart cities in the world (as per British market research agency Juniper Research). It is also considered one of the safest cities in India.

A Foodies Delight

This city has lots to offer. Apart from wide & bright roads, abundant greenery and well planned construct, Bhubaneswar is a foodies delight. There is a smorgasbord of dishes on offer – street food, fast food, food trucks, casual dining, national and international food chains. It is a perfect fusion between the traditional and the contemporary. Ranging from fine dining restaurants and numerous trendy cafes to the equally popular places of roadside chaat, paani puri and dahi bada, alu dum, ghuguni, samosas and alu chop, the city has something to offer for every pallet and wallet. If you love sea food and fish, Bhubaneswar is the best place. Try out Macha Besara (fish in mustard), Kankada Tarkari(crab curry), Mansa Tarkari (mutton curry) and Chingudi Kasa (mashed prawn). If you are a vegetarian, you have a choice to choose from Dalma(dal with vegtables) Badi chura, Chatu Besara (mushroom in mustard) and other exquisite vegetarian dishes in Odia cuisine. If Punjab is famous for lassi, Bhubaneswar has its Lingaraj Lassi which I feel is yummier.

A Charm for the Shopaholic

Bhubaneswar offers a delightful juxtaposition of contrasts when it comes to the choices in the wish list of a shopaholic. A perfect retail therapy is ensured when options range from intricate handicraft and gorgeous handloom products, tribal jewellery, natural forest products, sambalpuri sarees, stone and woodcraft, world famous silver filigree ornaments to sprawling shopping centres of Market Building, KIIT Patia Square, Chandrashekharpur, Master Canteen, Bapujinagar, and BMC Mall selling upscale products of all national and international brands.

For the Intrepid Traveller

Apart from the rich cultural heritage that Bhubaneswar commands with its tag of the “City of Temples”, this city is also the perfect base for planning memorable weekend trips with family and friends alike, for there are some uber interesting places to visit near Bhubanewsar. The usual tourist maps/guides will mention Puri (one of the four Dhams and a long stretch of gorgeous beach), Konark temple (a World Heritage monument), Chilika (Asia’s largest brackish water lake) and the enthralling Marine Drive as the obvious choices.

A seemingly different appeal to the senses, tourism in Odisha is all about soul searching, at the heart of which lies the old temple town of Bhubaneswar. Weekend getaways from Bhubaneswar presents the traveler with options of nature’s wonders, mostly related to sea and sand, but here you will also find some lesser visited attractions that are the hidden gems of the state. Be it the first suspension bridge of the state connecting the sacred island of Dhabaleswar with the main land, be it the rustic beach of Gopalpur, the Singhanath Temple on Mahandi River bed, the Buddhist triangle of Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri and Udaygiri or be it the hidden wetland of Ansupa in Athagarh, the experience will be no less enthralling.

Weather Gods

The weather of Bhubaneswar? Oh wow its one of a kind! No matter how hot or sultry the day is during Summers, the breezy evenings make up for it. The monsoon season is dominant due to the proximity to the sea. The Winters are the best time here with temperatures ranging from 10 – 24 degrees. Perfect climate for students to make a plan out with friends.

Well Connected

Bhubaneswar is extremely well connected. Planes fly to almost all major cities of India. The international airport also has direct flights to Malaysia and Thailand. The road and rail network is extensive and dependable. The transport options with the presence of the ubiquitous three wheelers and cab services of Uber / Ola is stress free.

Come to the beautiful city and experience the 3 E’s: Education, Explore and Eat.

By Susmita Ganguly, MBA Alumna

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