Shades – Indrani Pati (MBA 2019)


When we found our home

In the gaps and crevices left by others

Drenched in dew drops

And tired from running

Wrapped in the 7 pm twilight

I was told we might never see each other again.

We realized that blue was not

Our favorite colour anymore

And we fled our separate ways into midnight

Where I sat under a tree

And thought about two magicians who fell in love

And you wondered if our song was playing on the radio.

I always loved my tea

With a spoon full of sugar

And when I spilled it on a road map

Full of places we’d never visited

You told me that I was a bad driver.

We found love

On our fingertips

In a dark room with missing corners

And nothing to hold onto

when I told you

have a beautiful voice

You called me a liar.


When we found our home

Pressed between pages

Of a well-read book

Between the green lines

Of an oft-read note

I sighed

Because I thought

I was only a tenant and

The house was not mine to keep

We realized that blue was not

The colour of oceans and skies

And space

That it was the colour

Of a two-star constellation

I sighed

Because I began to know love

And I thought

Love did not know me

I always loved my tea

In an earthen cup

In a thunderstorm

Under a twisted tree

With your soft scent around me

I sighed

Because your laughter

Is a quiet breeze

Beneath a sun-dappled canopy

We found love

On our fingertips and tongues

Written into our skin and

Our souls

In a silver room

With dark corners

And I sighed

Because I could see

Love had finally found me.

by Indrani Pati


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